What We Offer

Vamos Fit offers 60-minute intense Boxing / Kickboxing outdoor-training. Our classes are situated at the iconic Rushcutters Bay Park and are available to attend every Wenesday and Saturday mornings.

We will teach you basic boxing techniques and fitness exercises and you will be punching pads (10 rounds), building strong lean muscle and improving your general fitness, all the while having a blast under the sun.

Our classes are available for both beginners and advanced athletes.

What You Will Learn

At Vamos Fit we believe that punching and kicking repeatedly on pads or mitts without having learned any technique is pointless.

We will teach you the proper form of Boxing / Kickboxing combinations along with how to hold pads and mitts properly. 

We will ensure your technique is improving at each class in order for you to experience your best workout.

 Enjoy learning from professionals who care about your boxing style and not with trainers who only want to make you sweat. 

Benefits of Outdoor Training

Connecting with mother nature and her sunshine while exercising has numerous benefits.

Not only will the fresh air from the sea combined with the sunlight increase your energy and levels of Vitamin D, but it will also fulfill your mind and body for the rest of the day.

If you have the motivation to reach your fitness goals all you have to do is to come down every Wednesday and Saturday mornings to the beautiful Rushcutters Bay Park. You will leave the class energized, ready to face the day in the best positive mood and looking forward to your next Vamos Fit class!